“Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp” by Andrew Shaw


Like most of the writers I know, I know them on Twitter. Andrew Shaw is no different, except that he’s a comic writer. A pretty damn good one, in fact. And this is his first stab at a short story, ever, and it’s pretty damn good. Most of our bonding has been over various comic titles, including Hoax Hunters, which lives on in its own way through this project. Andrew has also been a supporting force in my own writing. I can always count on him for a retweet or feedback on a particular story. You can follow him @andrew_shaw23

The Lizard Man has a greater mythology than most may realize. The writing of David Icke features them heavily as the masterminds behind our society now. Pat Lee’s Extraterrestrial Compendium puts them in league with the Grays for the fate of humanity. Andrew’s story is on a smaller, but more infamous scale. His story is based on Christopher Davis’ encounter with the Lizard Man on June 29, 1988, which left Davis with a mauled car. Andrew takes this tale and flips the script, turning it into a survival tale from the Lizard Man’s perspective.

Now presenting “Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp” by Andrew Shaw:

The pink things keep cutting me off.

Every time I near their black pass, the shiny beasts they travel in zoom past, scaring me further back into the forest. I needed to cross; my female and offspring await me.

Our food sources had run dry, and no food means death to us all. I had journeyed far, crossed under the pass of shiny beasts, looking for prey. Then the rains came, cut off the passage, stranding me on the other side. Now my only way is to cross where the pinks things are.

I got to the edge, hidden by bushes. The shiny beasts scream past, the noise is terrifying. I waited, hoping for a break.

A smaller beast came towards where I hid. A loud popping noise caused it to slow, then come to a complete stop right in front of the bush I was hidden behind. A young pink creature got out, heading around to the side. He was draped in strange coloured skins, covering his whole body and feet. Only his paws and head were uncovered. The smell coming from the open door was awful, stale food and body odours.

The creature opened the back of the beast, lifting up its backside and pulling out several strange looking objects. He also removed a spare leg of the shiny beast. Seeing this, I knew these pink animals were not to be trusted. I came to the conclusion that the pink thing meant to amputate the broken leg, replacing it with this new one. Another device, a small, diamond-shaped thing, looked like some kind of trap. The creature obviously was to use this to trap me, and do the same to my leg. I needed to get away, but I needed to cross the black pass, which was now behind the pink thing.

I had no other choice.

Rising from my hiding spot, I ran towards the side of the shiny beast, where the pink thing had moved with his trap. I slowly snuck around, until I was directly behind the pink thing. It had finished the amputation, and had attached the new leg. The diamond trap lay on its side next to the pink creature. I let out my biggest scream, trying to make myself sound more terrible than I actually was. My heart was pounding in my chest. I was more terrified than I have ever been in my life. I had never come so close to one of these things, and it might’ve been my last moments. The pink thing let out an even bigger scream, but this one was filled with panic.

It was terrified by me.

I used this to my advantage, slashing at the shiny beast. Sparks flew from it as my claws ripped at it’s hard flesh. I slashed more and more, carving bits off. I was starting to enjoy being this frightening animal, when I remembered where I needed to be. I took off running, heading away from the pink and shiny beasts, and into the dense forest on the other side of the black pass.
When I felt safe, I stopped and turned back to look at the pink beast. It had scrambled into the metal beast and was leaving, quicker than I had ever seen either type of beast move. I let out a sigh.

I was safe.

As I wandered back in the direction of my female and offspring, I thought of my encounter. The pink creature was more frightened of me than I was of it. From then on, if I was ever to encounter them again, I would use this to my advantage, and to keep my clan safe.

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